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Hey!  Welcome to our blog designed to allow the Michigan ALR Grab and Run group to easily and accurately document our Grab and Run events as well as see an instantly updated point tally for our respective post.


If you are visiting a Grab and Run Participating post  CLICK HERE to enter the details of that leg of the run.

If you are documenting a post visit to a post that is participating in the Grab and Run program but it is known that they have no plaques OR you are visiting a post that does not participate in the Grab and Run program,  CLICK HERE

Instructions for the Grab and Run form.

  • If you do multiple stops during one run, treat them as separate runs. Fill out one form per leg.  You will be given an option when you submit the form to enter another form. 
  • Don't forget to adjust the amount of riders that participated on that specific leg of the run should you gain or lose a rider. 
  • Don't forget to hit "Submit" at the bottom of the form when you are complete. You will have the option to review and adjust the form, even after you submit the form 

You can view run details and post progress by CLICKING HERE to view the actual worksheet where your Grab and Go form results download to. 

On this form you can view:
  • Your posts rank in the standing
  • View how many plaques another post has to plan your runs
  • View who has your plaque
  • View the date your plaque status was changed
  • Results of your previous runs
  • Other posts runs
  • How the points are calculated
  • View the Mileage Chart used to calculate your mileage points.  Please let me know if you have corrections for the miles.  Each one was determined by the shortest route planned by Google maps.  There were a ton to do, so I am sure there may be a few incorrect.  I was cross-eyed after a few hours of staring at this chart.  It is on the Milage Calculations tab on the far right starting around column AD... 
Don't worry! You can't hurt anything in the worksheet.  The only field that you should be able to adjust is the Comments on the tally sheet where you should enter your Post hours and a point of contact.  If you can not edit the Comments, If you have a google account, send me your google account email and I will add your name to the approved editors with permission to edit the Comments field. 



Michigan Grab & Run Program   



         Mission Statement: To promote camaraderie between American Legion Posts in the State of Michigan. To improve awareness, support, the betterment of the lives of Veterans, and to keep us ever mindful of the sacrifice made by our Veterans.



         What is Grab & Run? Onsted American Legion Riders Post 550 started the Grab & Run in 2010 with the simple idea to promote camaraderie with other American Legion Posts and to have a little fun. The basic idea is for each ALR group with a plaque, can go to another participating Post and grab their plaque. Thus “Grab & Run.”  In 2012, The Grab & Run Trophy Program was started, where each ALR group making a run to another participating Post to pick up plaques and receives points for the number of members on the run and miles traveled.

At the end of the year the Post with the most points win the Grab & Run Trophy. The last year's winner will host a banquet for the new winner. As of 7/30/2022 there are (55) Michigan American Legion Posts and their riders participating in the Grab & Run Program.


Grab & Run Rules:



         1. Instructions to view the rules at and must be posted on the back of your plaque. (Instructions are too long to post on Plaques anymore) Additionally, instructions should be printed and included in your Post’s plaque sign out booklet as well as posted at your Post for riders to see.


         2. Your Post must be enrolled & have a plaque to participate and take

another Post plaque.


         3. One Post can only take (1) plaque for 3 ALR riders & (2) plaques

for 7 or more riders per day per visit.


                4. They must leave their post phone number, the date, the time, and members

names, so the plaque can be accounted for, and list of plaques taken.


         5. Please make every effort to document your runs at the time you grab

the plaque at <>. Since this program is now real

time, plaque locations should be documented as soon as possible.

The Standings Worksheet runs on smartphones as well as desktop computers.  Please document by the end of the day of retrieving a plaque.

                6. A minimum of 3 Vested ALR Members (not necessarily 3 motorcycles) from the same American Legion Post must be on motorcycles from May 1st thru October 1st. From October 2nd thru April 30th, it can be any other vehicle. All riders must have ALR patches on vest or coats to count. Hoodies with the ALR logo on the back, do not count. If unable to ride during riding season due to medical reasons, they and their means of transportation are exempt from being on bikes and still count as if they were.


         7. Plaque must be in house for one business cycle, before it can be retrieved from another Post. (Close and re-open of unit location). The Standings Worksheet shows the date that the Post retrieves each plaque.


         8.  If the standings sheet shows that a Post has a plaque available AT THE START OF YOUR RUN TO THAT POST, there is no longer a requirement to call the Post to verify the plaques availability. Feel free to call ahead to verify hours and plaque availability if you desire.


         9. All plaques must be available for removal. Posts shall not hide plaques.


         10. Posts having “ALR Supporters “over the age of 16, who are vested and patched, can be counted the same as a regular ALR member. You must have 2 members for every 1 supporter on a ride. Supporters under the age of 16 are counted as a ½ point. Program will round up if necessary.


         11. Plaques cannot be taken out of Michigan.


         12. The season runs from Jan 1 and runs to November 30. The plaque reset period of December 1st to December 24th has been discontinued.


How points are determined:

  • 25 points for every run. If multiple visits during that run, 25 points each visit. Such as: From home Post to Onsted to Jackson to Rose City then home = 75 points.

  • 5 points for every member on the run. 8 members = 40 points, multiple visits, such as above 40 x 3 = 120 points. If the number of members change during the day, adjutst the number of members on each leg.

  • 1 point for every 10 miles driven on run. The miles are determined by Google maps as the distance between Posts. This way, everyone gets the same credit for mileage traveled.

  • If in cages during the optional vehicle travel time, only 1/2 points will be awarded if not a medical need.



POST VISITS (Non-Plaque Runs)

Earn points for any visit to any American Legion Post in Michigan to promote 

The American Legion and the American Legion Riders. The post does not have to have a Legion Riders Group to qualify


         1. There must be a Minimum of 3 vested riders. Same rules apply for riders unable to drive a bike as above. A flat 10 points are awarded for the group of riders. 10 Points are not awarded for each individual.


         2. Post Visit Limit. Only one visit per calendar month by your Post to any American Legion Post will count.


         3.  A Post visit is where you know that there is no plaque available, but you want to visit the Post anyway. A Post visit is not intended to be used in place of a plaque run where you thought there was a plaque available and there was none upon arrival. If you thought there was a plaque at the Post you are visiting, the run should be documented as a regular run.


Post Visits Points:

  • 10 points per group, (not each individual) for a visit to any American Legion Post.

Yearly Banquet Attendance Fee:

  • $50 stipend (Asking $75 for posts over 50 members) per Post to help cover the cost of the Grab and Run Banquet. Send check to: “(hosting Post) American Legion Riders,” Post address to be determined by hosting Post of the year hosting.    

Ride Safe and Have Fun!!!


Shane Burnside, Leslie, MI Post 491

         ALR Grab & Run Director       



Important Note: Please Report Grab and Run activities at:



Rev. 04/29/23